Grey taps Cellulant to spread into East Africa

Grey, a Nigerian Fintech firm, has expanded into East Africa as part of a new agreement with Cellulant, a single API payments platform. Grey’s new collaboration was announced in a statement on the official website on Friday.

Grey is a cross-border payment network for freelancers and remote employees in emerging nations, with a focus on Africa. Idorenyin Obong and Joseph Femi Aghedo launched the fintech firm in 2020.

Cellulant, Grey’s new partner, is a leading transnational payments company based in Kenya that aims to automate payments for Africans.

The announcement affirming the partnership reads in part: “One major challenge they have had to deal with was the payment processes; hence, some Africans held back from exploring the international market.

“That’s where we come in; we want to improve the interconnectivity of the developing world’s expanding gig economy; one method is to improve how we handle cross-border remittances.”

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