Google outlines infrastructure investment in Brazil

The opening of a new office and engineering centre in Brazil, as well as an investment of 1.6 billion reais ($312.65 million) in technical infrastructure, were all announced on Tuesday by Alphabet Inc.’s (GOOGL.O) Google Cloud.

At the Google for Brazil event in Sao Paulo, the nation’s financial hub, the company stated that its cloud investments were made to help the firm’s customers “diversify their service portfolios, extend their digital capabilities, and drive new business,”

“During this (five-year) period, an amount of 1.6 billion reais was allocated to improve Google Cloud’s technical infrastructure in Brazil.”

Additionally, Google declared the opening of a new Google Cloud office and engineering centre in Sao Paulo in 2023. In order to strengthen its privacy, security, and anti-abusive content technologies, Google announced in January that it planned to hire 200 engineers in Brazil this year.

The competition between Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, which already has operations in Brazil and in 2020 announced a 1 billion reais ($195.40 million) investment in data centres in Sao Paulo, will be heightened as a result of Google’s investment ambitions.

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