Google announces launch date for Pixel 7a

Google has released the launch date of the Pixel 7a, its upcoming smartphone. The Pixel 7a will be available through Flipkart from May 11, as Google has stated. Reports indicate that Google will introduce the Pixel 7a, as well as its first foldable smartphone, at the upcoming I/O 2023 event on May 10.

The Pixel 7a is likely to include a Tensor G2 processor, similar to the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. In comparison to the Pixel 6a, the Pixel 7a is expected to have many new features. According to leaks, the phone’s primary camera will have 64 MP, an improvement from the Pixel 6a’s 12 MP camera. Furthermore, the Pixel 7a is expected to include a 12 MP ultra-wide-angle lens and an improved 10.8 MP selfie camera.

The Pixel 7a will likely have only one storage variant, like the Pixel 6a. However, the Pixel 7a is expected to have 8GB of RAM, rather than the 6GB RAM found in the previous model. Additionally, the phone will have 128GB of internal storage. The Pixel 7a is expected to run on Android 13 at launch and receive software updates similar to other Pixel smartphones.

The device is expected to be powered by a 4,500 mAh battery, with support for 20W fast charging. Based on the Pixel 6a’s launch price, the Pixel 7a could be priced at around Rs 40,000 during its India launch.

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