Gas storage facilities now critical infrastructure in EU

In accordance with new EU legislation, gas storage facilities will now be regarded by EU Member States as vital infrastructure. To lower the dangers of outside intervention, all storage operators in the EU will now be required to go through a new certification process.

The legislation improves the EU’s gas supply security in light of the approaching and following winters. The EU Gas Storage Regulation mandates that Europe’s gas reserves are replenished prior to the winter and that outside influence be avoided in their administration.

The new regulations, for instance, mandate that storage facilities in EU Member States be filled to 80% of capacity by November of this year, and 90% in the years that follow.

Kadri Simson, the energy commissioner, welcomed the decision at the Energy Council in Luxembourg.“This is an important statement of EU unity, determination and speed of action in the face of the Kremlin’s moves to weaponise its gas exports. It is now crucial that we press on with meeting the new storage targets and step up our preparedness in case the situation further deteriorates,” he said.

The 18 Member States having underground gas storage facilities are mandated to fill 80% of their storage capacity by November 1, 2022, and are encouraged to aim for 85%, according to the new storage regulations.

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