Firms give $5.5m to promote climate infrastructure

The Rockefeller Foundation has established a new $5.5 million partnership with e-GUIDE and Atlas AI to encourage climate-resilient infrastructure investment and speed up economic development throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

The platform, which will first focus on Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Uganda, will give policymakers extensive cross-sectoral insight into how new infrastructure development might lessen community risks and foster economic potential. In the end, this will help with attempts to more efficiently prioritise and sequence investments in these crucial sectors.

Through a digital platform, this three-year project will provide insight into the well-being of communities by utilising satellite data and machine learning technologies. The platform is based on recent studies and openly accessible data sets that address the conditions of the development of the transportation, energy, and agricultural sectors.

“While data science has been used to improve individual development projects, we haven’t yet unlocked its potential to improve development at a systems level — which is critical, because efforts to drive change in energy, agriculture and transportation must be integrated in order to make opportunity universal and sustainable,” said Zia Khan, Senior Vice President of Innovation at The Rockefeller Foundation.

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