EU digital policy head warns TikTok

The EU’s digital policy head Thierry Breton has informed TikTok that it will have to adhere to the upcoming Digital Services Act. During a video call with the CEO of TikTok, Shou Zi Chew, Breton discussed the company’s plans to comply with the EU’s rules.

The Digital Services Act encompasses rules aimed at limiting harmful content and addressing online risks. Breton emphasized the responsibility TikTok has with millions of young users in Europe to guarantee the safety of its content. He also expressed concerns about reports of TikTok spying on journalists and transferring user data outside the EU.

Breton communicated to Shou that TikTok needs to comply with EU regulations on data protection, copyright and the Digital Services Act, which includes provisions for hefty fines and a ban from the EU in case of repeat offenses that pose a threat to people’s lives or safety.

The US Congress has also proposed a bill that could prevent TikTok from being used on most US government devices.

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