Dubai to house BuildingSMART’s first MEA office

The Middle East and Africa’s first BuildingSMART International office will be located in Dubai. The action highlights Dubai’s leadership in digital transformation and innovation in the construction and infrastructure sectors on a regional and global scale.

By embracing and creating open standards, Dubai Municipality, the organization’s host in the UAE, hopes to promote and support the digital transformation of the building and construction industry in the UAE.

A non-profit organisation called BuildingSMART International was founded with the goal of advancing the digital transformation of the built asset environment by developing and implementing open, global standards for infrastructure and buildings.

These standards promote greater efficiency and cooperation among all parties involved in the asset lifetime, including owners, architects, engineers, contractors, and operators.

The UAE’s position as one of the world’s leaders in infrastructure is further cemented with the inauguration of BuildingSMART International’s first MEA branch in Dubai. Several global competitiveness reports, particularly those for the infrastructure and building industries, place the UAE among the top nations.

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