Citi to monitor employee attendance

Citigroup announced on Thursday that it would be holding its employees “accountable” for complying with the rules of its hybrid work model, according to a statement from the bank. The move comes as the bank aims to ensure that employees are meeting the requirement of working at least three days a week in the office.

In a statement, Citigroup expressed its commitment to the hybrid work model and the flexibility it offers to its employees, allowing them to work in the office for a minimum of three days per week and remotely for up to two days. The bank acknowledged that the majority of its employees are already complying with these requirements and emphasised the importance of adhering to the firm’s expectations for office attendance.

The statement further highlighted that Citigroup will hold employees accountable for their in-office days as necessary. This suggests that the bank will monitor and assess employees’ compliance with the hybrid work model and take appropriate action if any deviations are identified.

Citigroup will also consider office attendance when evaluating employees’ performance and determining their compensation. This indicates that adherence to the hybrid work model may have an impact on employees’ ratings and remuneration within the bank.

As Citigroup implements these accountability measures, it joins other organisations worldwide that are navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by hybrid work arrangements in the post-pandemic era. By setting clear expectations and evaluating compliance, the bank aims to maintain the balance between remote and in-office work while ensuring the effectiveness and productivity of its workforce.

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