Cardless and LATAM to Launch LATAM Airlines Credit Card

Cardless, Inc., a financial technology company based in San Francisco, and LATAM Airlines Group S.A. have teamed up to build, distribute, and sell a new co-branded United States credit card program for frequent travellers in the United States.

Specific features and application deadlines for the new LATAM Airlines Credit Card will be released later this year.

“We are beyond thrilled to be joining forces with LATAM in our first foray into travel rewards credit cards,” said Michael Spelfogel, President and Co-Founder of Cardless.

Cardless cards provide a number of characteristics tailored to digital natives, both in terms of security and convenience. New customers will be able to apply for a Cardless card quickly and effortlessly with their smartphone, and the virtual card will be issued to their mobile wallet in seconds.

To prevent customers from fraud, the physical card will not contain a card number; nevertheless, if the digital-only number is compromised, users will be able to request a new number through the Cardless mobile app.

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