Brooklyn collapse is an eye opener

An aging infrastructure in Brooklyn has come under scrutiny following a structural collapse of a commercial building in the area. The incident, which occurred over the weekend, led to several businesses being evacuated, and a protective wall collapsing. The incident follows a deadly parking garage collapse in Manhattan that happened less than a month ago. The unexpected nature of the collapse left several business owners shocked and concerned for their safety.

According to reports, a 75-foot-long parapet wall above six commercial businesses on Avenue T collapsed without warning on Sunday afternoon. While no injuries were reported, business owners who narrowly escaped harm have expressed concerns over the maintenance of the building. Inspectors have issued a violation to the property owner for failing to maintain the building and have also issued a full vacate order, requiring the property to be fenced off.

The Department of Buildings stated that it does not conduct routine inspections of small commercial buildings. However, experts have suggested that the city should create a high-priority list, taking into account the year of construction and structural elements that deteriorate more quickly, such as parapets.

The building’s management office was contacted for comment about the timeline for repairs and when the last inspection took place, but no response has been given. The city is reminding property owners that the maintenance of private property is their responsibility. Meanwhile, business owners are calling for greater scrutiny of older buildings to ensure the safety of those who live and work in them.

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