BNDES pays $570m for São Paulo Metro Line 6

As part of its 6.9bn Reais financing agreement for the construction phase of Line 6 – Orange, Brazil’s National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) has released Reais 2.9bn ($US 570m) to Concessionária Linha Universidade (CLU), a concessionaire for the construction and operation of the So Paulo metro.

Spanish civil construction firm Acciona joined forces with STOA, an infrastructure and investment firm controlled by Caisse des Dépôts and AFD, as well as investment bank Société Générale to form CLU. Transdev, a provider of public transportation, also actively participates strategically.

The project will cost Reais 17 billion in total, with a consortium of 11 banks, including BNDES, financing it. This project financing is non-recourse, and risk is reduced by guarantee and insurance operations. During the construction and startup phase, up to 48 percent of the loan is guaranteed by private financial institutions.

At the Gua Branca station, Line 6 will join the So Paulo Metropolitan Trains Company (CPTMLine )’s 7 – Ruby and Line 8 – Diamond.

Additionally, interchanges with Line 1 – Blue and Line 4 – Yellow will be available at the stations of So Joaquim and Higienópolis/Mackenzie, respectively. Line 6 will have a length of 15.3 kilometres, 15 stations, and a yard for parking the new fleet of 22 trains with a combined capacity of 132 cars.

Access to a variety of educational institutions, including universities like UNIP, FMU, FGV, PUC-SP, Mackenzie Presbyterian University, and FAAP, as well as hospitals like Hospital Brasilândia and Hospital Vila Penteado, would be made possible via the University Line.

In September 2025, when CLU’s 19-year period of commercial operation of the line is scheduled to start, construction work should be finished. In Latin America, Line 6 is currently the largest urban transportation project that is still in the planning stages. It is anticipated to carry about 650,000 passengers every working day.

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