Big US investors file portfolio disclosures

US investors have filed their quarterly portfolio disclosures with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), revealing some interesting shifts in their holdings.

According to the filings, Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway has increased its investments in Apple, Paramount Global, and Louisiana-Pacific. Apple remains Berkshire Hathaway’s largest holding by market value, despite the position’s value falling by $7.4 billion. However, the company reduced its holdings in US Bancorp, Bank of New York Mellon, Ally Financial, Activision Blizzard, and chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor.

Michael Burry’s Scion Asset Management also made changes to its portfolio, adding shares of Alibaba, sporting goods retailer JD.com, and MGM Resorts. Similarly, Lone Pine Capital bought shares in Microsoft, which were sold by the family office Duquesne of the US investor Stan Druckenmiller. The investment firm of George Soros and Elliott Investment of founder Paul Singer built up positions in a corporate bond ETF from Ishares.

Investment firms in the US are required to file their portfolio holdings with the SEC at the end of each quarter, and the latest filings show these investors have made some significant changes to their portfolios. The movements in holdings are a reflection of the rapidly changing market conditions and the ever-evolving strategies employed by the investors. The latest quarterly disclosures indicate that the investors are looking to rebalance their portfolios and identify new opportunities in the market.

The shifts in holdings also demonstrate the investors’ confidence in some sectors and their concerns about others. Many of the holdings increased or decreased are in sectors such as technology, finance, and retail. It will be interesting to see how these positions perform over the next quarter and whether the investors’ strategies will pay off.

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