Bank pods launch in Wigan

UK-based TSB Bank has unveiled a series of pop-up TSB Pods across three locations, aimed at providing remote and rural communities with banking and cash services. In partnership with NoteMachine, TSB has opened sites in Wigan, Greater Manchester and Wood Green, north London. Another pop-up will open in Luton later in spring 2022.

The semi-permanent Pods, which are open seven days a week, offer a check-in area for customer greetings and dedicated private space for meetings. The multi-functional device allows the local community to access cash withdrawal services, with deposit facilities for TSB customers set to be added in the coming months.

The Pods use NoteMachine’s BankHive technology, which connects customers to TSB to carry out their everyday banking needs. TSB customers can get support from advisers who can help them make payments, access products and services, and set up digital banking. Gary Jones, TSB’s customer delivery director, said the Pods were being introduced to replace local branch services due to close in May, but added TSB was “committed to offering face-to-face banking services” in ways that worked best for customers.

The Pods are part of TSB’s 43 pop-up services gradually introduced since April 2021 to support customers in communities where branch closures make it significantly longer to reach the nearest branch. Charlie Evans, director at NoteMachine, said the partnership would ensure that communities such as Wood Green could access the services they needed and drive the future of banking in an ever-evolving financial landscape. TSB will continue to innovate in how it can serve its customers, Jones said, with an increase in the bank’s video banking offer.

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