Aviation giants partner for eVTOL operations in Brazil

A group of global aviation and airport professionals has announced their intention to look into the infrastructural needs for bringing eVTOL passenger flights to Brazil over the next decade.

Avolon, the world’s second-largest aircraft leasing company; Corporación América Airports, the world’s largest private-sector airport operator by number of airports; GOL, Brazil’s largest airline; Grupo Comporte, a leading Brazilian transport operator; and Vertical Aerospace, a leading aerospace and technology company developing and manufacturing eVTOL aircraft, are all part of the partnership.

The cooperation will investigate and establish vertiport design and locations, as well as other eVTOL infrastructure requirements in Brazil.

Brazil is poised to become a pioneering market for eVTOL services, including Vertical’s VX4, thanks to its well-developed Urban Air Mobility (UAM) industry centred on helicopter services, advanced aviation ecosystem, and distinctive demographics.

To introduce eVTOL operations to Brazil this decade, each partner contributes sector-specific and complementary expertise.

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