ATC hits 23,000 sites in Brazil

American Tower Corporation (ATC), a leading wireless infrastructure company, announced that it has deployed 23,000 sites in Brazil, its largest market in Latin America. This marks a significant increase from the 20,643 sites reported at the end of September in its Q3 financial report.

In the third quarter of 2022, ATC built 1,578 sites globally, of which 68 were in Latin America, compared to the 202 new builds in the same quarter of the previous year.

The company had plans to construct approximately 6,500 new sites worldwide in 2022, with 500 of them in Latin America. In 2021, ATC built 600 new towers in the region. Brazil is the third largest market for ATC after the US and India, where the company began operations over 22 years ago. Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Costa Rica, and Argentina are also significant markets in Latin America for the company.

ATC’s main clients in the region include Telefónica, AT&T, América Móvil, and Telecom Italia. Latin America represents the second most important geography for ATC after the US and Canada, accounting for 16.1% of its total property revenue in 3Q22.

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