AstroPay puts out VISA prepaid card in Peru

AstroPay, a popular online payment solution worldwide, has announced the launch of a Visa prepaid card in Peru, issued by Tebca Peru. The card will allow users to make purchases at any online store that accepts Visa, making it easier for those without a bank account to access the digital economy and make online transactions.

The new card, which is available to both current and new users of AstroPay, offers a simple, secure, and comfortable experience for entering the financial system. Users can activate and use the prepaid card instantly, without any cost, and pay at any online store that accepts Visa. They will also have access to attractive benefits such as cashback.

Peru is a key market for AstroPay due to the rapid growth and development of its payments industry and the wide acceptance of the Visa brand throughout the country. The prepaid card will allow users to buy anywhere that accepts Visa in the world, and pay in both US dollars and Peruvian soles.

AstroPay plans to expand its prepaid card to several territories, having previously launched this product in the UK, and now Peru. Its next goal will be to expand across the rest of Latin America, targeting Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina.

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