Appzone rebrands, foray into payments

The regulated blockchain payment infrastructure business “Zone” formerly known as Appzone, a Nigerian fintech software supplier, has changed its name.

A graduate of the Google for Startups Accelerator, Zone is on a quest to use blockchain to connect all forms of money. Zone will facilitate payments and the acceptance of virtual currencies for financial service providers worldwide by constructing Africa’s first layer-1 blockchain network.

In order to create a hybrid interim period in finance when TradFi and DeFi would coexist without conflict, the organization formerly known as Appzone is shifting from its cloud-based SaaS infrastructure to offer payments processing services that support both fiat money and digital currencies.

With no need for a middleman, the startup’s regulated blockchain network enables direct transaction flow between financial service providers, resulting in lower transaction costs, quick dispute resolution, and complete dependability across all payment borders in Africa and beyond.

After the rebrand, Appzone’s Banking-as-a-Service division was split off into a distinct standalone corporation called Qore so it could continue providing services to current customers and expanding the SaaS platform’s reach.

“We have led Africa’s fintech sector in global firsts for over a decade. As Appzone, we launched the first core banking and omnichannel software on the cloud as well as the first multi-bank direct debit service based on single global mandates. With this transition to Zone, we are utilising the power of blockchain technology to connect every monetary store of value and enable reliable, frictionless and universally interoperable payments. In doing this, we are building one global network to pay anyone through any means, in any currency, which will ultimately maximise financial inclusion and accelerate economic prosperity for Africa and the rest of the world,” said Zone co-founder and CEO Obi Emetarom.

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