Apple Maps to show EV charging spots

Apple has unveiled a new addition to its upcoming iOS 17 update, aimed at assisting electric vehicle (EV) drivers in locating available charging stations. During the annual developer conference WWDC 2023 held on Wednesday, the tech giant provided a sneak peek into a range of fresh features and services that will accompany the software update, including real-time information about EV charging availability through Apple Maps. These features, alongside other enhancements in iOS 17, are scheduled for release in the autumn.

Once the update is installed, EV drivers will have access to a filtering option enabling them to search for charging availability across different networks and by plug type. Apple has also revealed that users possessing compatible vehicles will be able to set a preferred charging network within the system.

Apple has been focusing on EV owners for a number of years now, as demonstrated by its previous introduction of an EV routing feature during WWDC 2020. This feature allows users to view charging stations that are compatible with their electric vehicles along their chosen routes.

Additionally, EV routing takes into account factors such as the user’s current charge level, elevation changes, and other conditions, and can automatically suggest adding charging stops as necessary along the journey.

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