AmazonPay taps Affirm for BNPL in the US

In a joint announcement today, Affirm has become the inaugural buy now, pay later (BNPL) service to be integrated into Amazon Pay. As part of this collaboration, any Amazon Pay merchants in the United States now have the option to offer their customers the “buy now, pay later” alternative using Affirm’s technology. Instead of incorporating Affirm as a standalone installment option, merchants utilizing Amazon Pay can seamlessly add it to their existing payment button.

In August 2021, Affirm initially unveiled an exclusive partnership with Amazon, which extended until January 2023. The integration was first introduced in the United States before being expanded to Amazon.ca and the Amazon mobile app in Canada last September. Affirm’s Adaptive Checkout technology now enables consumers to access tailored payment choices, such as biweekly or monthly options, for purchases exceeding $50, with starting interest rates at 0% APR. Prospective Amazon Pay customers selecting Affirm as a payment method must undergo an approval process that will not impact their credit score, according to Affirm.

The fintech company has always emphasized that its users “will never pay more than they agree to,” highlighting the absence of hidden fees or penalties. For consumers, this integration offers an additional avenue to stagger payments, while Amazon Pay simplifies the online shopping experience by allowing customers to connect to their accounts with a single click, eliminating the need to repeatedly enter personal and payment details. Retailers are likely to benefit from increased sales through enhanced convenience, and Affirm suggests that those offering Amazon Pay with Affirm will gain access to a new pool of shoppers, as approximately 16 million actively use Affirm’s services.

This partnership signifies an expansion of the existing relationship between Affirm and Amazon, as Affirm’s technology is already employed by millions of customers in the United States and Canada on Amazon.com and the Amazon app.

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