$2.7bn+ projects on new Singapore Online Portal

Last week, Infrastructure Asia, a platform created by Enterprise Singapore and Singapore’s Central Bank, the Monetary Authority of Singapore, unveiled an online portal for infrastructure projects that links the government, developers, and financiers (MAS).

Indranee Rajah, Singapore’s second minister for finance, made the official announcement of the portal on August 2 at the Asian Infrastructure Forum. She stated that it aims to support greater regional collaboration among complementary experts and raise awareness of the project opportunities in the exciting growth sector of sustainable infrastructure.

In addition to surfacing the pipeline of infrastructure projects in the region, the new online project site acts as a marketplace for diverse parties interested in constructing infrastructure projects in Asia.

There are 11 infrastructure projects posted on the platform which has a total valuation of over USD2.7 billion, according to a look at the projects that are now listed there. Seven projects are concerned with water and sanitation, two with logistics, and two with rail transportation.

With five projects listed, Indonesia has the most, followed by two projects each from Cambodia and the Philippines, five from Vietnam, and one from India. The second stage of the New Delhi Railway Redevelopment Project is the Indian project that is listed on the portal.

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